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“Somebody Else’s Leftover (gluten+dairy free) Chicken Salad”

7 Aug

ImageOne thing I love about cooking is planning my shopping. Really, my mom was always a planner, I remember her lengthy lists, and we shopped depending who had what; we had a calendar on the fridge. I’m organized, but I, on the other hand, ditched all my cook books and coupon organizers years ago, when my “kitchen” became a place for art and toys to fix as well. So planning is not always easy around today’s family, but you can always work with your left overs. And to make that even better, you just need to stay current on your produce, and buy what’s in season and on your budget. Broth, frozen veggies, all of that is great in a pinch to enhance your leftover experience.

Today instead of grabbing something similar out I took last nights lightly gluten and dairy free breaded chicken and diced it up, it was actually so tender it was really more like shredding a rotisserie.


Once I had that accomplished I used my favorite go-to ,Green Bell pepper. I scooped a ball out of half of our leftover avocado and i diced some tomatoes; then i took everything to the handy food processor, and a good 15 pulses later I had a tasty, mayo-free new lunch, and a new variation on chicken salad and leftovers.